Welcome to Jack's WikiEdit

Jack's Wiki is a comunity site that anyone can edit ect. ect. but anway, Jack's wiki is about the webcomic Jack by MadMoblin (☀ The site has pages about the characters, objects, locations, and story arcs. Feel free to help around

Main Characters Edit

Jack Edit

The titular character and main protagonist. Jack is stupid but nice, and is the defacto leader of the group. Jack often likes to make puns and other bad jokes promting his freinds to harm him.

Robbie Edit

The main duetagonist and anti hero, Robbie is the stoic but rude best friend of Jack, despite being a protaganist, Robbie is evil and is seen as a villian in some strips.

Joey Edit

The main tritagonist Joey is the voice of reason of the group. Joey's character wasn't thought of until after the comic was made, and his role was spread out to diffrent characters.

Anakin Edit

A major character, Anakin apears and talks the least of the main characters, however he is very vain and self absobed. He is stupider than Jack, Anakin has he most misfortune of all the characters.

Latest activityEdit

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